Everything You Need To Know About Buying Website Articles

buy articles for your website

We all recognise and understand that relevant, recent and high-quality content is an integral part of any sound organic SEO marketing strategy. This can include adding fresh, original content to blogs, landing pages and affiliate sites or adding new additional pages to your website. 

To cater for the diverse range and sheer volume of these needs, a wide variety of options are available for content and article creation. All content creation can be done by an in-house content writer, or you can outsource your content creation fully or partly to a content agency.

In this blog, we at Topcontent take a look at the pros and cons of using ready-made content for online marketing purposes. We will also provide some hot insights into maximising your content if you choose to buy articles for your website.

Weighing up the various risks and benefits

Content marketing is essential for a whole host of reasons from generating leads to cultivating customer loyalty. Buying new content articles for your website can seem like a great idea when faced with continually curating it yourself. However, there are several factors to keep in mind before you make any final decision. Your website is, after all, what sets you apart from competitors and delivers your brand message. 

The same content strategy will not always work for every individual website. It’s critical to consider every marketing aspect, not just the costs, for each solution to creating website content. Carefully looking at the risks and potential benefits is all part of the process.

So, is using ready-made content something you want to consider as a valuable, long-term solution? 

What to consider when you buy articles for your website

Overall editorial quality

If you don’t have an in-house team experienced in creating user-friendly content, then buying articles can be an extremely useful tool. Bear in mind that the editorial quality is critical and that original, organic content is usually a must. Creative content engages both search engines and visitors alike. Low-cost content that is not relevant and informative can damage your company and decrease your visitor and conversion rate. If you are going to buy articles for your website, try to ensure that your source has high quality content standards. 

A consistent brand voice

Consistency is equally important and can be challenging to maintain when buying articles. Your brand’s image is reflected in the persona and tone of voice used in your website content. Another critical factor is keyword use and placement, as you don’t want the text to appear ‘keyword stuffed’. Maintaining this consistency from article to article can be time-consuming if you choose to take a low-cost route. This can include time spent managing the overall process and editing content later to ensure the published articles are valid and effective.

Relevant, interesting text

Your articles and overall content need to grab your visitor’s attention immediately and keep them reading. When you buy articles for your website, bear in mind that this content should provide useful and valuable information to your visitors. It also needs to be relevant to your company and niche to be effective digital marketing that produces results. Outsourcing low-cost content can mean the difference between converting a customer and them leaving the site and never looking back. 

Credibility counts

Credibility is probably the most crucial factor in marketing content and is comprised of a mixture of expertise and trustworthiness. Credible content needs to be authoritative and valuable, with no risk of misinformation or fake news. Any included links need to be genuinely useful, add value for visitors and be from high-quality sources. Remember that quality is usually better than quantity for marketing success, so utilise your budget wisely. If you opt to buy articles for your website, you don’t want low-cost content to damage your reputation or search engine rankings.

Pros of buying pre-written articles

  • Instant availability & publishing  
  • Saves time providing content briefs 
  • Ability to view before you buy 
  • Contains evergreen generic content
  • Covers gaps in your content strategy 
  • Option to repurpose long articles
  • Provides flexibility to experiment
  • Ideal for jump-starting campaigns 

Cons of buying pre-written articles

  • Not company or brand-specific 
  • Less focus on valuable SEO 
  • Usually time-consuming to monitor
  • Require significant revisions and updates
  • Not always unique, credible content 
  • No focus on news or trending topics 
  • Lack of useful internal & external links
  • Limited use across diverse content channels

Does buying pre-written articles have its place?

Pre-written articles have some potential if utilised in the right way and if they suit your particular business needs. There are some situations where it could make complete sense to buy articles for your website. Maybe you are supplementing the workload of a hot staff writer, or are obtaining superb results with your current marketing strategy. There is nothing wrong with using them occasionally or even utilising a variety of methods to create new content in different situations. 

However, the use of fully-fledged content services using advanced content management systems is widely replacing the pre-written marketplace. Most companies now recognise that articles need to be high-quality and engaging, delivering highly targeted SEO. This is the primary reason why the majority of companies now choose to order customised content articles. These are created with your specific business needs, target audience, and customer conversion in mind. The platforms offer streamlined services designed to “hit the marketing spot”, with personal guidance available on larger projects. 

Supercharge your website content articles

Creating and publishing a fresh and diverse selection of website articles is one of the keys that will help to engage different sections of your customer base. Making the correct choice about whether you buy articles for your website or source them from a content provider will help you entice and engage customers. Sparking their interest and loyalty will lead to more business benefits than you can count. 

Finding individual writers or a content platform to create unique, targeted articles for your company may increase the cost slightly. However, it’s an extremely sensible use of your marketing budget. In many cases, looking beyond the piecemeal purchase of blog posts and articles will be beneficial and hugely profitable. 

Have you decided that it’s the right time to outsource your content creation and see some real results? Then check out our content writing services; we offer top content article writing for you to drive more results.