Get rid of manual content publication

How to publish content faster

The time has come to take your content publication to the next level, and with our help you can publish large quantities of content on your website with no manual work.

You might say “I’m happy with our current content publication process” or “We have a big content team and they can manage all manual content updates”, but think again; getting rid of the manual process of content publication will come with a lot of benefits:

  • Spare more time for other important things related to your business, such as thinking of new innovative ways to sell your product/service and earn more money
  • Use the time you gained to come up with more creative content ideas to increase traffic to your site and build customer loyalty
  • Have more time to focus on important details, such as design, titles and technical SEO, which will improve user experience on your website and attract more visitors from search engines

How to achieve this?

Our solution to save your valuable time is to integrate with our Topcontent API. See for yourself how much time you can save when you let us help automate your content publication process:

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WordPress user without API

1. Receive content document

2. Save the file

3. Open internet browser

4. Log in to WP

5. Click “New post”

6. Open file and paste title, meta info and content separately

7. Save and publish

8. Click “New post”

9. Repeat until all texts are inserted.

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WordPress user with API

1. Receive email about content delivery

2. Ignore it, as content is automatically published on your site

Time to say goodbye to manual content publication

It’s time to start saving time and earning more money! The great news is, it’s very easy to get started. Take a look how you can take advantage of the Topcontent API connection and follow the Topcontent sign up process to create an account in our content ordering system. If you need any help on the way, don’t hesitate to contact us.