Make money on Content – become a Content Affiliate

Great news everyone! As of the first of November 2019, we are launching our highly profitable content affiliate program. You can now sign up and receive an affiliate commission on all sales you send our way.

At Topcontent, we create and sell high-quality text and translations. Our clients, using our self-service, have 24/7 access to our wide range of services. We have been in the content business for over six years and we have a very loyal customer base. As an affiliate, you will get lifetime commission on the sales from all new clients who sign up using your tracking link.

Topcontent Affiliate Program Levels

  • Level 1: 5% commission for the first €10,000 referred.
  • Level 2: 10% commission between €10,001 and €50,000
  • Level 3: 15% commission on values above €50,000.

Total revenue levels are counted on a yearly basis.

Example of Affiliate Earnings

Adam is a content affiliate. On his personal blog, he links to Topcontent’s self-service page. Ewa, a frequent visitor of Adams website, clicks on the link and signs up as a client. She buys content for €25,000. Adam’s commission will be 5% on the first €10,000. That comes to €500. For the following €15,000 in sales, Adam receives 10% – so a further € 1,500. Adam will receive a total of €2,000 in commission!

Kurt does the same thing as Ewa and signs up following Adams link. He buys content for €7,500. Since Adam is still in Level 2, he receives 10% commission, which is 750 for that order.

Sign up to get started

Getting started as a content affiliate is easy. Sign up as a freelancer and head over to the Affiliate Section. Copy your unique tracking link and add it to your website.

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