The Perfect Match – Topcontent partners with WPML

In the last six years, Topcontent has expanded from a start-up offering content services to the local market, to one of the biggest web content and translation providers in Europe. A big part of the success is our ability to help our clients with the publishing of their content. We are not only experts at content, but also at software. Over the years we have helped countless companies with language integrations on a lot of different content management systems. 

One of the most popular website systems is WordPress and today we are very proud to announce a partnership with the most popular WordPress multilingual plugin: WPML

What is WPML?

WPML (WordPress MultiLingual) is the most popular WordPress plugin for site owners who want to have their sites several different languages. If you have ever clicked on a small flag icon in the top right corner you know what we’re talking about. If you’re going for an international market, you will need this type of plugin. What makes WPML special is that it’s not only easy to install and use, but it also enables translation integrations. And today we are happy to announce that we are offering this kind of integration. 

Order translations from your WordPress Dashboard. 

With WPML you can now order translations from Topcontent directly from your WordPress Dashboard. Just select which pages and posts you want to have translated and which language(s) you want it translated to. A click of a button will return the translated content straight into your WordPress site.  

Save time and money with WPML and Topcontent

Multilingual sites come with a host of many obvious advantages for such as, increasing traffic, attracting new visitors from different countries and increasing your overall profit.

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