Case study: TripX

Online travel agency expands into 7 new markets with the help of translations and automated content ordering process.

TripX started to work with Topcontent when they were looking to expand their business into new markets and needed travel content translated in several European languages.

Topcontent’s quick ability to take on translation requests and their automated integration with the Topcontent API, have enabled TripX to launch and update the local versions of their website within tight deadlines and without the need of an internal content production team.

About the company

TripX is a Scandinavian OTA (Online Travel Agency) selling holiday packages in the Nordics and several other markets on their websites, etc.

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Types of content ordered

TripX has mostly used Topcontent’s translation services to translate destination descriptions (Rome, Barcelona etc.) from English and Swedish to, for example, Finnish, Norwegian and other European languages. In addition to destination descriptions, Topcontent has also handled the more technical translations for TripX’s websites such as terms and conditions.


TripX started to work with Topcontent when they needed translations to launch their business globally. Their objectives were to:

expand their business to new markets with local websites.
manage the expansion quickly and easily with fast service.

Solution: Topcontent API

TripX has integrated the Topcontent API with their own CMS, which enables them to send over new content for translation quickly. This automated process has been very important for the travel agency to manage the workload of updating their websites.

Goals achieved

Within the last 3 years, TripX has expanded into 7 new markets. This has been achieved with the help of Topcontent’s translation services. During their collaboration, TripX has:

localised their website with tight deadlines thanks to Topcontent’s quick ability to take on new requests with little up-front notice.
launched into new markets without the need of an internal content production team or translators.


“Topcontent has always been quick to react to our often tight deadlines with little up-front notice.”

“Topcontent is always professional and quick to deliver within short notice.”

“The pricing is competitive” 

“Via the API, we can fully automate our translation process, helping us to achieve our goals.”


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