Keyword Localization Services

Professional Keyword Localization Services

Get keywords that have the right intent and high search volume before translating your content. Use our localisation service for keywords for better performance.

SEO Keyword Localization Service

When entering a new market or running a PPC campaign in a different language, translation of your existing keywords is not enough. No matter how well-researched and good-performing they are, keywords might lose meaning after translation resulting in poor rankings. 

Our keyword localisation service helps you keep communicating your business values, services, offers, or ideas to your target audience by overcoming the language barriers in your websites and PPC campaigns when translation your content into another language.

keyword localization services

1. Get a quote for keyword localisation

Share your project with us and let us know what you need. We’ll send you a custom brief as well as a payment link, if you want no-registration keyword localization services. You can also signup and use our platform to order content.

2. Share the list of keywords and give some details

After the list of keywords to be localised, we’ll ask for a brief from you about your business, services, products, goals, and more. We need to understand the context and intent of your existing keywords before finding the keywords that communicate the same in another language.

3. Keyword localization done by professionals

Once we have the list and understand their context, we will translate them and find their variants based on local search queries. Most of the time the exact translation doesn’t have the same context. The localised keyword can be a synonym, long-tail phrase or a totally new term. To find them, we will use keyword research tools and our expertise.

4. Receive your keywords and start using them

As the final step, we will check the search engine results to see if these keywords are indeed relevant. This analysis will give us some new phrases (sometimes even the exact local version of the keyword) and help us eliminate the poor performing keywords from our list before sharing them with you in your preferred format.

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