Every ecommerce site has categories and these need to have good text describing what they contain. These texts has a longer shelf life than product descriptions, because products get’s changed more often than groups of products, and thus these are very cost efficient. We will make sure that the texts you need are up to standard when it comes to SEO.

Category pages serve as attention grabbers on Google, it’s a very common entry point for traffic. Once the potential clients have arrived, grabbing their attention is essential; interested visitors to your site will then naturally browse around – which is exactly want you want! Browsing will lead clients to discover – and hopefully purchase – more strategically placed products and, if you’ve done your job right, you’ll benefit from an enhanced conversion rate, coupled with less returns for your site overall.

At Topcontent, we’re armed with all the knowledge and experience of creating unique, high-quality category descriptions that will help you achieve all this, and more. Drop us a line and we’ll let you know all about it!