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Why choose Topcontent as your category text writing service?

With so many people always searching for something online, having eye-catching web content is a must. It’s often overlooked, but category descriptions can actually beat out any other content type when it comes to search traffic and bringing in new visitors.

Engage your audience with the right type of category text

At Topcontent, we have a professional team of category text writers who know exactly what’s needed when it comes to writing product category descriptions. Using the right words, we can create appealing content that is targeted to your intended audience. You’ll stand out from the crowd and reach a wider number of potential customers looking for information about the perfect product.

Translate your content and reach more people

It’s not always enough to have engaging category descriptions in just one language. With only one language, you are limiting your market reach. Happily for you, here at Topcontent we also offer translation services with 15 languages we can translate to. Add a few extra languages to your site and you’ll see your audience increase dramatically, bringing in new clients.

Sell more with our category texts

Through both our top-quality content and our ability to translate it, we are able to improve your rankings on search engine results pages. Our high-quality ecommerce category text brings your business to the attention of a wider audience who will check out your site. In doing so you’ll be able to sell more of your product, resulting in a resounding success.

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What makes great category texts?

Meeting buyer interests

Good category texts must meet the client’s interests so that they read the category description and feel the need to follow the link.

Product information and description

Category texts should have pertinent information about the product and what its features are, showing the visitor they’re in the right place.

General information

Good category texts should not ignore obvious information but rather include it. Potential buyers are picky and may skip over you otherwise.

Actionable texts

It’s also important to link to other categories and products from the content so that visitors know they are in the right place.

How we ensure top quality category texts

Professional writers and translators

We have a large selection of professional category text writers who are ready to write quality texts. These writers take the time to research your products and ensure that each of the categories you need matches the brand, business and what the client is searching for. Our team of translators do the same, ensuring the content is translated seamlessly, losing none of its meaning.

Quality checking

Once the writers and translators have done their work, it’s time for the content to go through the next stages. We have native proofreaders and quality checkers go through the content to ensure everything is factually correct and optimised to help your business grow. By using this three-tier system, we at Topcontent only ever give you the very best quality content.

Delivery service

Once the text has gone through all three stages, it’s time it was sent on to you. There are four ways you can receive content from us. You can use our self service, creating and managing your own content. You can use API or WordPress plugins to connect your website to our system. Or you can ask for help from one of our project managers.

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Frequently asked questions about category text writing

What is category text content?

This is the content on category pages and is seen during online searches – it’s important to include the name of the product here.

Why use category texts?

Using category texts is the perfect opportunity for you to attract and convert clients into traffic, but your content must be optimised.

What information should a category text contain?

Category texts should have all the important information about the product that the buyer is looking for and should match their buying interests.