Online Marketing Webinar with an Internet Wizard – Wednesday 30th January, 10:00 CET

This is an invitation to join our free Online Marketing Webinar on Wednesday 30th January at 10:00 CET. Because what is better than free webinars, where you can learn from the real experts?

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The Webinar is hosted by the awesome Daniel Marklund of Daniel has a long successful career as an online marketer for Software As A Service companies. He has managed to move companies from 25% yearly growth to 100% yearly growth by applying his proven methods. He will share his toolbox that can help anyone radically increase sales – in any business that has an online presence.

This is a unique opportunity that should not be missed. This webinar is free for all our clients (new and old). The signup link can be found here.

Daniels word about the Webinar:

Internet Wizardry – a practical guide to Online Marketing

Do you want to master Online Marketing? Then don’t waste your time reading any of the 180+ million blog posts on the topic. Instead, I will teach you a recipe. A recipe that the industry spend millions of dollars each year to test and perfect. In this lecture I’m sharing everything I’ve learned while working with Internet for the past twenty years. You’ll get access to my daily toolbox and hands-on exercises that forms a step by step guide on how to market your project.

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