How to get Casino Affiliate Links to your Affiliate Website

Congratulations! You have started your very first casino affiliate site and you need links! You’ve come to the right place. Getting links on the internet is hard and getting links to a casino affiliate website is even harder. The traditional approach of writing amazing content and assuming casino affiliate links will appear by themselves won’t work. So we have created this guide for you. It doesn’t cover every single way to get links; there are plenty of more innovative ways of doing it, but at least it will get you started.

Get casino affiliate links from your affiliate manager

You should have signed up as an affiliate to at least one casino by now. Talk to the affiliate manager there and have them put a link to your website from their affiliate signup page. Offer them a better position on your website in exchange for this promotion.

Write a positive slot review

Write a review of a slot and then have the slot provider give you a link. It won’t work with the big ones (Netent, Play’n’go etc.) but smaller game providers might give you one.

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Buy casino affiliate links from existing websites

If you want to make money, you have to spend money. Make a list of websites with good backlink profiles, email them and ask for a link. Pay them for it. The better the link, the more money you can spend.

Sponsor an adventurer

There are tons of people who do crazy stuff for charity. Walking the Sahara, climbing Mount Everest or hiking through the Middle East. If they have a blog: sponsor them and get a link.

Set up your own PBN

This is the most scalable solution of getting links. This is what the big companies are doing. Google usually frowns upon this and some people argue that it’s no longer a valid approach to SEO. But if you are an affiliate, you probably care more about being number one than about what other people think. What you need is expired domains with backlinks and good, diversified hosting.

Trade with other affiliates – the more you trade the better

This is a good reason to attend the next affiliate conference. When having a good time with the other affiliates over a beer (or ten) mention that you would like to trade links. This process will be easier if you have a PBN or a network of casino-specific satellite sites. The more you have to trade with, the easier for you.

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Buy casino affiliate links from somebody who already has a PBN

If you don’t have anything to trade with, you might be able to convince other affiliates to sell you links from their own PBNs and satellite networks. You don’t have to make the same investment that you would if you had built it yourself – but it won’t be as cost-efficient in the long run.

Reverse engineer your competitors’ link strategies

This is the bread-and-butter of experienced SEO experts. They analyse their competitors’ backlink profiles and quickly identify how to replicate the links. Get an account at Ahrefs or Majestic and learn how it’s done.

Hire an SEO company that provides backlinks

Some SEO companies only do on-page optimization, but the majority of them will also help you with backlinks. If you have the money to hire an SEO company, this could be the way forward. There are a lot of success stories out there of affiliates who didn’t do any of the SEO work themselves. Instead, they hired consultants to do it for them.

Hire an outreach agency that takes on casino clients

Same as above. These guys scrape the web for contact information for website owners. They then offer them editorial content collaborations. If the website owner agrees, he will receive an article in exchange for a link. You usually pay per link for these services.

Buy casino affiliate links from a shady source

This is not something we recommend since it can totally destroy your rankings. However, if you are in the business of Churn & Burn there are many resources online where you can get loads of shady links for a small sum. Be prepared to launch a new website every month or so because a lot of them will get de-indexed.


After getting the links, set up landing pages

Now that you have the links all figured out, you need to have landing pages that will attract visitors. We at Topcontent offer high-quality iGaming content services, and our casino writers can write all kinds of casino content from casino reviews to slot descriptions and sportbook content (check out a Topcontent review or a two, and you’ll understand what we are talking about), and then lean back while the money flows in.

Good luck!

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