Tips for creating content for your gambling and casino affiliate website

Think ‘online playground’ and your next thought will definitely be ‘igaming’. The online gaming sector accounts for 33% of all British gambling, making it the largest gambling sector in the UK alone, while the US gambling industry accounts for an annual $261 billion of the country’s economy.

With such a huge following, it’s only natural that content for casino affiliate sites has become highly in demand. Online gamers are a discerning bunch and the content on your website can potentially win or lose you a profitable client. In this article, we present to you our best 5 tips for presenting your customers with the highest-quality, effective content for your casino affiliate site.

Affiliate marketing: What it boils down to

Affiliate marketing is “a type of performance-based marketing in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought by the affiliate’s own marketing efforts”. In other words, the quality of your content means commission for your website. It’s therefore imperative that every effort should be made to have high-quality, effective content that sends potential customers the way of the gambling website/s you are supporting.

More and more businesses are using casino affiliate sites to promote their brand, attract more visitors and build up their reputation. Less obvious advantages include easy payment methods, as well as the facility to keep track of and record ROIs (return on investment).

Tip #1 Choose relevant topics

The content for casino affiliate sites presents a wide variety of topics, but not all of them are relevant to your audience. Moreover, a subject that works for one site, might not work for others. Many online casinos cater for a specific audience, or specialise in a specific type of game, so it’s worth investing in articles that have been tailor-made for each individual casino, rather than going for a one-size-fits-all, cheaper versions that will cost you more in the long run.

Good An article about a common theme in several different slot games offered at some of the casinos you are affiliating.
Bad Choosing what are more considered as feminine topics for a casino that targets a male-dominated audience.


All content should be 100% unique, search-engine optimized, creative and imaginative.

Tip #2 Back it up and gain credibility

Backing up content with facts makes what you present seem more credible to your audience. It’s even better if you can quote (and link to) your sources. This is doubly effective if you link to high-authority sites, as backlinking has been proven to be one of Google’s most important ranking factors. Some of the most worthwhile, high-reputability sources to refer to on the gambling industry include the UK Gambling Commission and the Malta Gaming Authority. Visit our guide on casino sources for a more comprehensive list of sources.


The online gaming sector accounts for 33% of all British gambling


Research shows that three out of every four British gambling prefer playing online.

Another practical tip is repetition. According to the American Psychology Association, “repeated statements are … perceived to be more truthful than new statements”. Even the simplest of tactics, such as using the casino’s slogan in different pages, will help boost your credibility with your audience.

Tip #3 Be audience specific

It’s always important to target your audience, but this is even truer when it comes to creating content for casino affiliate sites. Some online casinos will target wider audiences by offering a large variety of games. This increases their chances of attracting gamblers from all across the board. Others tend to be more specific, choosing to target a certain age group, gender or level of income. You can also divide your audience according to their preferred game type.

Good Targeting slot-focused articles for women. Research has shown that females prefer social games like slots and lotteries.
Bad Publishing generic articles with no specific audience in mind.


Keep in mind that the language used has to be audience-appropriate. Articles aimed at veterans can afford to be more technical, while if you’re aiming at rookies, you’ll need to keep things simple.

Tip #4 Grab their attention

Dozens of exciting new casinos are introduced every week and, with such a mind-boggling variety, potential gamblers can certainly pick and choose. Toss in the 15-second rule and suddenly your headings look a whole lot more important. The headings on casino pages carry double the weight – not only do they grab the reader’s attention, but they also carry important information that can influence a potential customer into signing up. Even more importantly, they will encourage the reader to actually read the article you’ve written.


Your introduction is equally important. Go brief but to the point to hold and keep your reader’s attention. It’s also useful to add a couple of keywords in the introduction as this will increase visibility.

Tip #5 Craft effective CTAs

IF your article is engaging, IF your headings are bold and attention-grabbing, IF your page is user-friendly, IF your content is informative but not overly wordy, THEN your reader will make it to the CTA of your website. The CTA is, essentially, the crux of the matter. If you manage to prompt your reader to click, the reader will sign up or make a deposit, which is what you want if you want to start bringing in some money. It is therefore well worth taking the time to craft an effective CTA.

An effective CTA should:

  • have impactful language
  • promise something to the reader
  • be original and stand out

When it comes to innovative CTAs, online casinos take the ticket. There are a myriad of ways in which you can prompt a reader to click, and online casinos have done it all. Check out the examples below of some great CTAs we found:

Twin Casino

King Billy Casino

Casino Joy

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