Topcontent Self-Service – Order content online

Order content online with Topcontent self-service

We’re happy to introduce Topcontent Self-Service; built for you to order content online.

Deal directly with freelancers

With our self-service, you are able to preview finished articles and send them back to the freelancers directly with your feedback. If you require any changes to be made in your article, you can, by the click of a button, return the text to the writer, and they will revise the text based on your feedback.

Get articles delivered as they are finished

As opposed to getting articles delivered by your account manager in bulk after all texts are completed, you are now able to start receiving the first articles shortly after you’ve placed the order. You will get all articles delivered continuously as they are finished by the writers. 

Order content online 24/7

Yes, our Account Managers might be quick on their feet, but just as you need rest, we do too, and will therefore sometimes not be available in the evenings or weekends. With the self-service, you are able to place the orders exactly when it suits you, day or night, weekend or holiday. It’s all in your hands.

Easy to use

The interphase is built to be super user-friendly, both for beginners and content experts. Take a look at the tutorial below:

Online Payments

You pay for your orders using your account balance. You can top up the balance either with a credit card, Paypal or invoice. This puts you in charge of the budget, and you can allocate and limit the budget to your colleagues – if you’re not doing the content ordering yourself.

Just sign up and get started

If this sounds like something for you, simply hit the button below to sign up and start ordering. And as always, if you need any help, get in touch!

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