Case Study: iGaming affiliate launched portfolio of 7 websites in 5 months with content from Topcontent

Background Information:

1. Increased its organic traffic from 0 to 3000 and reached 200 first page rankings

The Challenge is the first website launched in the Project Santa Claus.

The group saw a set of keywords around safe, trustworthy and reputable casinos rising rapidly, and decides to create a comparison website that has a clear value proposition: It only showcases the very best online casinos to Finnish players.

The site has high standards for making partnerships. All the aspects of the casino has to be on point, which means fair bonuses, excellent customer service and a wide variety of the most popular games.

The Solution

Topcontent produced content for The client was able to easily communicate the content structure they had in mind by using our templates. The finished content was SEO-optimised with main keyword and sub keywords placed properly.

Topcontent helped its client to scale up content production, which would have been very difficult to do internally. With quality SEO content produced fast, the client’s website started ranking for multiple keywords.

For clients looking to scale up their content production, like did, our bulk ordering feature allows you to order high volumes of content with zero effort.

The Results

The website has seen impressive growth since the launch in August. As the screenshot from Ahrefs shows:

Organic traffic grew rapidly to around 3000 visitors per month.

The website ranks for almost 1500 keywords.

Has close to 200 first page rankings even though keywords are very competitive and high value.

Words from our client

We do not like to keep a big team of inhouse writers. We work in sprints. This is the reason a partnership with Topcontent is so valuable for us. We can get the content we need, when we need it. No strings attached and no recurring expenses.

2. Reached number 1 position for its main target keyword

The Challenge is a one stop bonus comparison website and its main goal is to reach #1 spot in Google for the term “casinobonukset” and all its variations.

The Solution

Topcontent provided the website copy while fulfilling the client’s special request of using Surfer SEO optimising tool.

The Results

The website launched in early October 2022. In a very short time period of two months, the website:

Reached number 1 position for its main keyword “casinobonukset”.

Ranks in TOP 10 for its 20 target keywords. ranking results

Words from our client

Topcontent has found a way to comply to many of our special requests and the delivery times are always super fast. We try to focus on quality over quantity even in these larger scale projects.

3. Enjoyed a rapid increase in its ranking position for its main target keyword

The Challenge is the “long term play” in Project Santa Claus and it was launched in the beginning of August.

The site has a ambitious goal of ranking in the very top for the keyword “kasinot”. The term is one of the main big keywords in Finland, it has high search volume and a fierce SEO competition.

The Solution

Topcontent provided SEO-optimised content for website and has started providing quality reviews of casinos.

For clients who need website content, like, Topcontent’s SEO-friendly, unique website writing services is a great solution.

The Results position

Within 5 months of website launch:

Kasinot24 skyrocketed from result zero to TOP10.

As the screenshot on the left shows, the position for the main keyword reached to 25,4 rapidly. top 5 position in rankings

The site is already ranking in the TOP 5 for the main keyword.

4. Reached top 10 rankings for 10+ target keywords

The Challenge was published in the beginning of September and it targets “newbie” keywords around gaming, such as “gaming websites”.

The slightly different set of keywords indicate (search intent) that one searching them is just getting to know online gaming. That’s why the site’s content have been written to serve newbies and it covers all the basic concepts of online gaming.

The Solution

Topcontent provided website content tailored to the needs of the client, targeting newbies of online gaming. 

The Results

In a short period of time, has reached TOP 10 rankings with more than 10 of its target keywords.

To conclude, our client was able to scale their iGaming affiliate business, enjoy high rankings and traffic within five months with SEO-optimised content by Topcontent. 

5. Started ranking in top three positions in target keywords in less than three months

The Challenge was launched in the beginning of December 2022. The site had two challenges.

First, to be able to provide quality information on casino bonus to players who are looking for bonuses, but use the “offer” search term instead. 

Secondly, aimed to have unique content and information about casino offers to loyal players; not just welcome bonuses to new players.

This was a complex project as each casino has their own loyalty program, many times with additional seasonal campaigns. That’s why understanding the rewards system of each casino and writing content about it required a lot of research. 

The Solution

Topcontent provided unique and informative content about loyalty programs after detailed and thorough research.

The Results

In less than three months, has started ranking in TOP 3 positions for its main target keywords.

kasinotarjoukset rankings

6. Reached number 1 position for its main target keyword

The Challenge was created to have information and listing of welcome offers provided by casinos to Finnish players.

The challenge of this website was to rank number one for search terms like “tervetuliaisbonukset” and its long term variations.

The Solution

The solution to their challenge was SEO-optimised content, written by native Finnish speakers. Using Topcontent’s ready-made SEO templates, our writers were able to provide content optimised for the target keywords.

The Results

tervetuliaisbonukset rankings

Within two months, the website started ranking number 1 for the main target keyword “tervetuliaisbonukset”.


The Challenge provides information exclusively on tax-free casinos catering to Finnish players, ensuring that no Curacao-licensed casinos are featured. Recently, Finnish players have become increasingly conscious of tax-related concerns while playing on non-EU licensed websites. This led to a an increase in search volumes of keywords related to tax-free casinos.

The challenge was to take advantage of these increased search volume by offering a website providing accurate content.

The Solution

The challenge was solved by creating website content that accurately informs users about casinos while being optimized for specific, trending keywords.

With Topcontent’s self-service platform, clients can easily add specific instructions, such as only listing tax-free Finnish casinos in the case of

The Results

As the SERP results on the right show, the website reached the top 10 positions for all its main target search terms in two months. case study results