Challenges of hiring remote employees (We are now looking for new team members)

How many times during these past few months have people reached out to you for networking purposes and then signed off their own message to you with “stay safe”? This has probably happened far too many times. The Stay Safe slogan just feels as ordinary now as saying take care or look forward to hearing from you. So is the Stay Safe slogan going to become the new norm?

To be honest, I think we should be staying safe at all times and not just because we have a virus trending. With or without a virus, networking with quality individuals and hiring remote employees is always a challenge. Sure it’s easy to connect with people, but it’s far harder to connect with the right people who can add value to your organisation. Finding honest and trustworthy people who fit your culture, have the necessary skills and are willing to join the team, is always a challenge. There are plenty of great people out there who are perfect for what you are looking for, but how do you find them?

We are hiring remote employees

At Topcontent, we’re a small but hugely talented remote team! Ok, tooting your own horn is not cool, but I’m so proud to say that all of our team members add value to the organisation and there isn’t one member whom we don’t want on our team.

Now we’re looking to grow our team with more amazing people. But for us, at Topcontent, amazing isn’t because they’re friendly and nice and really easy to get along with. Amazing to us is that they fit within our unique culture. You see, we’re a remote company, and not just because this blessed global pandemic has forced us to be, but because we made a deliberate choice (years ago) to be one.

We’re ahead of the game that everyone is trying to win in transitioning their teams and business models to fit remote work. At Topcontent, we’re already there. We’ve done the transitioning, and gone through the “pain points” (I quote pain points because for us, it really happened naturally and everything fell into its place seamlessly). Global networking and recruitment is something we have been doing for years. But finding those people who can truly make a difference, is a challenge we face like everyone else does.

Looking for the best match

Are we asking too much? We surely want the best. But the best doesn’t mean that we are looking for some super skilled genius. The best for us is, yes, they do bring a skillset, but they also bring a genuine sense of teamwork, accountability, responsibility, positivity and a mindset of success.

We have our own failures, of course we do, but the team embraces them, learns from them, and never points fingers but only puts forward suggestions on how we now move forward. This is the profile we’re looking for. We look for intrapreneurs who might not be able to (or want to) start their own business, but will contribute towards Topcontent and care about this company, just as if it were their own business. This is not because they work all hours of the day, but because they are creative, want to try new ideas, be innovative and deliver something which our clients will describe as “That was amazing!”.

Searching for a remote sales executive

We’re hiring remote employees to our sales team. We are looking for “someone”, because sure, we have a sales profile that we’re looking for, but we don’t want to put any role in a box and we’re looking for a sales profile that could potentially bring other skills too, like website optimisation, lead gen, conversion optimisation – anything that can bring us more success.

It’s going to be a tough role to fill. Expectations are high, and the shoes to fill are big, but the rewards in joining our team will be huge and enjoyable. For the right person, you will love working with us. We provide a service we are so proud of, and believe in so much, and if you do too, then working in this role, within our team, will be something you will enjoy every day. You WILL wake up (almost) every day loving what you do (and also earning lots of well deserved commission 😁).

If you are an experienced, digital sales guru from the world of content and SEO, we actually might be a match made in heaven.

Check out our vacancy for a sales executive – it’s straightforward and to the point, just like we are!

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