Upwork alternative – The benefits of writing with Topcontent

If you’re currently on the lookout for freelance writing jobs, you’ll definitely have come across Topcontent. Topcontent is a global content company that’s always on the lookout for great writers. This article explains why Topcontent is a good Upwork alternative and why you should choose to write with us instead of other sites.

Who and what are Upwork?

Upwork is an online agency that matches clients to who they consider is the ideal freelancer for the job required by that client. Like Topcontent, they have a finger in the content pie as well, offering services that include blog and top content article writing, proofreading and translations. Each freelancer has a profile that potential clients can access for more details on how that particular freelancer may be of service to them.

Upwork competitors don’t only include content companies like us – graphic and software design sites, advertising professionals and sales and marketing websites are all Upwork alternatives that may be overlooked.

Why not Upwork?

We’re not here to point out any of Upwork’s faults, and that’s why we’re not going to answer that question. Instead, we’re going to answer this one:

Why Topcontent as Upwork alternative?

It’s no secret that we’re an Upwork competitor when it comes to acquiring the best freelance writers. We’re passionate about the written word and one of our top priorities is to provide our clients with effective, quality content. But we can’t do that without a team of capable, professional writers. Even though we’ve amassed several amazing freelancers from all over the world during the last years, we’re always hungry to increase and improve our global pool of talent. That’s why we would much rather gain a talented freelance writer ourselves, than see Upwork stealing them away!

  • We’re personal

Yes, we’re getting bigger each year – but we make it a point to keep in regular touch with all of our freelancers. Our freelancers know they can rely on us to guide them through the writing process, provide valuable feedback or just be there when they need a chat.

  • We’re the middlemen

At Topcontent, we believe in focusing on our writers’ creative juices, and keeping all the messy business negotiations to ourselves! Instead of the client choosing which writer they prefer, we give our writers the luxury of choosing the tasks they think they are best suited for. Potential assignments are posted on a common Task Board and our pool of writers can pick and choose to their hearts’ content. They’ll know upfront how much they will be paid for each task before taking it on. They can even opt to drop it halfway through if they change their minds, without having to provide an explanation. Sometimes, we may choose to assign a writer/proofreader with one or more tasks, but they’re free to decline without question. We believe that this manner of working is greatly empowering for our team, and acts as a great motivational tactic.

  • We provide a steady stream of work

Upwork and similar Upwork alternatives post freelancer profiles for clients to see. But there’s no guarantee of a steady stream of work. That’s why Upwork competitors may decide to work differently – like we have. At Topcontent, you’re not posted on a wall and left to wait (days, weeks, months?) for a potential match. Instead, you have the reassurance of a perennial Task Board which, more often than not, offers a selection of tasks for you to choose from according to your available time, abilities and mood.

  • Working for us is easy! Topcontent is an Upwork alternative where you don't need to worry about sales pitches

The truth is – everything about Upwork can be complicated, from building your portfolio, to making pitches, to constantly updating your profile so you can look and sound as desirable as possible. The biggest headache is bidding for jobs, which is both time-consuming and, even worse, sometimes very disappointingly unfruitful. 

There’s nothing like that at Topcontent. Signing up is a refreshingly easy process and, once you’ve passed our online test once, we won’t have you jumping through hoops to prove your worth again and again.

Signing up is a piece of cake!

Got a few minutes to spare? Do yourself a favour and look no further than Topcontent as a Upwork alternative for a steady stream of online freelance work. Sign up now or get in touch.