How and why companies should motivate their freelancers

motivating freelance writers

As the world goes internet, more and more companies are moving towards a totally remote workforce. Going digital is greatly advantageous for both company and employee: companies benefit from reduced needs and related costs for office spaces, while workers enjoy flexibility and the freedom to roam, among others. It’s in everyone’s interest that such a symbiotic relationship be safeguarded: in layman’s terms, you scratch my back, and I’ll scratch yours. And that’s why motivating freelance writers should be a top priority for content companies like us.

What is motivation?

Motivation is a buzzword in today’s day and age, but before we explore its benefits, we should first define it. Put simply, motivation is someone’s (in our case, freelancers) willingness to do work. Motivation cannot be inflicted forcefully on someone else; what a company can do, however, is act as a motivator in order to get the most from their freelancers. 

We explore the top reasons why motivating freelance writers is always a good thing:

#1 Rise in productivity levels

A motivated worker is a productive worker. Though some may argue that being paid for your work should be sufficient, in reality this is not always the case.

How can I increase productivity by motivating freelance writers?

There are many ways a content company can facilitate productivity. At Topcontent, we firmly believe that giving feedback is only ever a good thing. That’s why we make it a point not only to point out what needs to be worked on. If you’ve written a particularly good article, review or blog post, we will certainly tell you by dropping an email or leaving a comment.

At particularly busy times, we will need our freelancers to put in as much work as they possibly can. When this happens, we often offer an extra bonus to those who are willing to work a little extra. This practise stems from our belief that rewards and recognition are incentives towards productivity.

#2 An increase in originality and innovation

Research shows that “innovation is one of the most important factors for business growth”. That’s why companies should always seek to motivate creative freelancers – and our writers are among the most creative there are!

How can I motivate innovation through motivating freelance writers?

According to Laszlo Bock, previous Google’s People Operations Senior Vice President, gifting creative employees with their own project may result in hugely innovative benefits for your company overall. At Topcontent, we already do that! Some of our best writers can be ‘promoted’ to quality checkers – i.e., apart from writing for us, we also happen to think they’re good enough to check other writers’ work, and get paid for it. We also have a small selection of raw quality writers whose writing is so good, it’s sent straight to the client. Raw quality writers are paid more per word than standard quality writers.

#3 Increase in working hours

We already know that freelancers often put in more working hours than the average employee. So there’s certainly no stopping a freelancer who’s motivated!

How can I motivate freelance writers to work more?

Most freelancers have no problem finding gigs, and our freelance writers are not obliged to write exclusively for us. However, they do have the luxury of working as much – or as little – as they want. Topcontent writers have access to a task board and they can take on as many assignments as they want, as long as they finish the task at hand before taking on another. We believe this takes the pressure off finding work – just log on whenever you feel like it, and work to your heart’s content!

#4 Freelancers stay around longer

Digital workers are proven to remain longer in their roles, and this is especially true for motivated ones. Motivated freelancers who feel their work is valued will likely stick around; besides which, they can work beyond retirement.

motivating freelance writers will make them stay and work longer

How can I facilitate longevity by motivating freelance writers?

We’ve sung all the praises there are to freelancing, but for many, flexibility remains the key motivator, especially content writers. Keep giving your freelance writers the option for flexibility, and they will definitely stick around. Flexibility gives freelancers the opportunity to balance work and life in a manner that a desk job will never will.

#5 Builds your reputation

Good content speaks for itself. But good content can only be produced by freelance writers who are motivated enough and skilled enough to produce high quality content. When a content company like us produces such premium content for its clients, this will quickly cement its reputation. There’s also a good chance that the company will attract more capable freelance writers, thus adding to its human resources. This will mean that the company will be able to sell more content.

Sufficiently motivated?

Our freelancers are a happy bunch who regularly produce stellar work. And the more, the merrier, as they say. Sign up here to join our community of motivated writers!