The Amazing Emotions when Managing an E-commerce store

Managing an e-commerce store can sometimes be very lonely. But don’t fret, you are part of a vast community of hard-working individuals. Can you also relate to these emotions?

When a customer asks you if you are the cheapest option online

It’s 2021, everyone should know how to use Google by now. And yet some clients still ask this question. Setting prices is hard. There are multiple great guides on pricing out there. They all agree on one thing: Cheap is a race to the bottom. Excel in quality and customer service instead. Your customers will reward you.

When you launched your first online store

Thrilling, amazing, the beginning of an exciting adventure; Clicking that “publish” button and posting on Twitter that you are finally live. Nothing beats the first time.

Two weeks after the first launch

No explanation needed.

When somebody on Twitter mentions that he is looking for what you sell

Are you paying attention to what people request?

When you avoided a week of manual labour by learning how to do a CSV-import

All that hard work of googling, it finally paid off! You are now an expert at formatting rules, different types of tabulation and can spot the difference between UTF-8 and Western Latin. Or you just found an easy to follow guide with a template. Either way; Congratulations on becoming a Tech Genius! Now go and pack some orders.

When you realize that the clients’ broken merchandise is covered by the warranty of your supplier

Trusted brands with good warranty agreements; don’t we love them?

When you try to understand your Google Analytics

And as soon as you figure out how many visitors users your website property has, they redo the entire design. Keeping up to date with Analytics is a full-time job. Oh yeah, remember to make sure you are tracking the right thing, there are at least 21 ways you could be doing it wrong.

When you find the competitors “Own Brand” on Alibaba

Oh the opportunities! It’s time to get creative.

When you finally sold something using dropshipping and it’s time to send the merchandise

No need to check the inventory or do any manual labour. It’s a dream come true. Just make sure you don’t make any rookie mistakes when doing dropshipping.

When trying to reach the top position on Google

Organic traffic, visitors looking for exactly what you sell. We all want it and we all try our best to get those important category texts to rank higher. It just seems like the top position slips away just before we reach it.

When trying to avoid customer fraud

We have all been there. You work hard to make your clients happy, and at the same time, somebody else is working hard trying to trick you. Weird orders, weird addresses, weird reasons a shipment never arrives. After a while, you develop a sixth Jedi sense that starts to tingle every time an order seems … a bit… off.

The one time you manage to get everything done in time and can leave the office at 8 pm

We know it; running an e-commerce business is not only hard work but also a lot of it. If you are just starting out you will do everything from writing product descriptions to packing orders. It’s amazing you had time to look at these funny gifs.

Now go back to work!

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