13 Best Countries in the World when Working from Home

We all know at least one person who never seems to settle down in what is deemed a “conventional” way. Charmingly creative, at times slightly eccentric, yet always endearingly lovable. These one-of-a-kind individuals are often given much less credit than they deserve. They are the believers they can make it happen when working from home. Though some of us may see their reluctance to pursue your typical nine-to-five type of life as hard-headedness or – if we want to be particularly mean — stupidity, in reality they are just making sure that nothing will keep them from doing what they love. Whether it’s traveling the world, feeding an army of stray cats or collecting bondage-style clothing.

But, however restricting one might view a regular job as being towards the pursuit of their ambitions, it remains a fact that most of these dreams require a substantial financial backing. So, unless you’re lucky enough to have been born into money, it’s hardly possible without holding down at least a part-time occupation. Luckily, for those of us who suffer from permanently itchy feet, there is a solution. If you decide to work from home, it could offer you the ultimate freedom and flexibility.

We’ve compiled a list of 13 of the best countries in the world for living and working remotely. These countries will help you achieve financial independence by working from home without inhibiting any of your little quirks in any way.

1. Argentina

Work from home in Argentina


Beautiful and intensely passionate as the wild Andes mountains, Argentina is home to a vibrant culture and lifestyle like no other. From the thriving metropolis of Buenos Aires, to the more laidback beachside cities of La Plata and Cordoba. Argentina offers many a stunning location for those with a niggling wanderlust. It’s great for workers living on a budget. Argentina boasts a relatively low cost of living, with the need for public transport rendered practically moot due to most locations being easy to navigate on foot.

2. Bulgaria

As long as you don’t mind the harsh winters typical of northeastern Europe, Bulgaria is perfect for those with big appetites and tight pursestrings. The capital city is Sofia where most remote workers choose to relocate. This is especially true for single individuals who can benefit from shared accommodation and a lively nightlife scene. Varna is also a popular option sought by those who prefer living in a quieter, less crowded city while working from home.

3. Canary Islands

Work from home in Canary Islands


Even the most avid of sunseekers will find the balmy year-round climate of the Canary Islands serves up more than enough hours of sun-kissed bliss. So, if warm temperatures and an open air lifestyle are your muse, gather up your flip flops and head for Tenerife. Tenerife is home to Spain’s highest mountain and the sprawling El Mèdano beach – or Las Palmas. You can spend your evenings gazing at the stars while finishing up your day working from home. 

4. China

China may seem a world away for many – but in reality, this thoroughly diverse, ethnic country packs much more than a (fairly substantial) cultural punch. Shanghai is the country’s pulsating centre, presenting an eclectic mixture of old and new. It’s proof of the city’s accelerated development in recent years. This international metropolis excels in most areas. Once you’ve got over the culture shock, it’s an excellent destination if you’re thinking of relocating and want to work from home. The smaller city of Nanjing offers a delightfully historic alternative if you’re seeking a less urban sprawl. The cost of living is cheaper but you might need to learn a few Chinese phrases – the locals’ English isn’t really that good!

5. Hungary

In recent years, Hungary has become one of the most popular destinations in Europe for emigrants. Budapest in particular draws dozens of digital nomads every year. It’s an alternative for those who can’t afford to live and work from home in typically more expensive European cities the likes of London and Paris. The city offers a balanced lifestyle with accommodation, food and other necessities being reasonably affordable. If you’re looking for things to do in your free time, you’ll find plenty of sightseeing activities centred around the Danube and a host of attractions to boot.

6. Malta

Tiny Malta is a central Mediterranean island brimming with potential despite its minuscule size. The locals enjoy a languid lifestyle characterised by long summer days and mild winters. The locals exhibit a marked friendliness towards foreigners. You won’t find much to do in winter — but the Mediterranean lifestyle, fantastic cuisine and utterly gorgeous beaches more than make up for that.

Work from home in Malta


7. Mexico

Mexico offers up a hodgepodge of sensations and experiences for the curious traveller. Whether you’re looking for bustling cities or more rural locations, this could be it. Choosing to move to Mexico City could very well prove the smartest move in your life. This teeming megalopolis in central Mexico is home to over nine million residents, making it the most populous city in the Western Hemisphere with a matching economy to boot. 200 kilometres away lies the dynamic city of Quéretano, often hailed as the safest city in Mexico.

8. Morocco

Dazzling Morocco in North Africa is a literal barrage on the senses. The city is dazzled by colours, wild open spaces and ancient melancholic cities. Chaotic Marrakech may take some getting used to — but you’ll learn to love the insanity at Jamaa el Fna, unique local flavours and traditional souqs while you mingle with a host of tourists. Learning to haggle is a must if you want to spare your pennies. Most Moroccan sellers appreciate a good bargain hunter!

9. Philippines

Work from home in the Philippines


Cheap and cheerful is the order of the day in the Philippines. Wherever you come from, you’ll find everything is drastically different. You will have to search for a good internet connection anywhere on this island rife with turquoise waters and tranquil surroundings. But nothing beats the sense of peacefulness that pervades throughout. Most digital workers tend to gravitate towards the coastal cities of Davao in the north or Cebu, which is more centrally located and ideal when working from home. Both offer inexpensive living studded with plenty of jaw-dropping locations to serve as inspiration.

10. Spain

Stray a little beyond your preliminary research and you’ll quickly find out there’s more to Spain than paella and flamenco. Inhabited by a people as vivacious and diverse as the country itself, Spain offers a truly unique lifestyle whether you’re looking for la vida loca or prefer a more serene way of life. Head for Madrid, the country’s eclectic capital. Here you can find everything from exciting job opportunities to humming bars and pubs. Alternatively let the lively beaches and busy promenades of Barcelona act as inspiration.

11. The Netherlands

You’ll need a rather high-paying job to keep up with the costs of living in the Netherlands, especially if you choose Amsterdam. But this is a small price to pay for the excellent quality of life you will find there. Renowned for its liberal residents, stunning vistas and high level of safety, Amsterdam resonates with contentment all year round.

Work from home in the Netherlands


12. United Kingdom

The British islands, in particularly England, have always been one of Europe’s main hubs and with good reason. London alone is home to over 400 different nationalities, making it the most ethnically diverse city in Northern Europe. Renowned worldwide for its important ties to education, commerce, finance and industry, it’s no wonder that the city welcomes an additional 200,000 residents a year. Everyone is hoping to take advantage of the city’s booming economy, high quality of life and multicultural tendencies. Accommodation in central London tends to be quite pricey so you may have to look into flat-sharing. Another option is to stay on the outskirts for your working from home lifestyle. Otherwise, opt for cheaper cities such as Leeds, Manchester, or if you don’t mind the cold, lively Dublin in Ireland.

13. The United States

There’s practically nothing you can’t achieve if you’re living the American dream. The United States spells the ultimate location for thousands of hopefuls who emigrate every year . People flock to the sprawling metropolis of New York City, sunkissed San Francisco, as well as other destinations such as Dallas and Nashville in Texas. While New York may seem the obvious choice for many, the cost of living is sky-high. So, unless you’re raking it in, you may want to consider cheaper locations until you’ve accumulated some savings. Luckily, everything is possible in the United States. Your next new home is never more than just a short plane ride away.

New York offers tons of activities for digital nomads


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