Content Writing can help you Create your Fuck Off Fund and why having a Fuck Off Fund should be everyone’s goal

It is no secret that most of us do not save any money. In fact, several surveys show that most people do not save nearly enough – most save nothing at all. Whilst being in employment can mitigate the need for savings, someday you might just need a Fuck Off Fund…

I have been in constant employment since I can ever imagine and work is a big part of my life. In the course of my employment, I have done a very elaborate personality test which stated that I see work as an extension of my being. I have always received stellar performance reviews and have always been lucky to work with great teams and great bosses, until one day, I didn’t. So dire was the situation that in the end I handed in my resignation without looking for another job first or securing an alternate source of income. I never imagined this would happen to me, yet it did. I literally needed a Fuck Off Fund and, however late it was, content writing proved to be my ticket to freedom.

We are all geniuses when all we need to do is look back. What really matters is being able to plan ahead. The further ahead you can plan, the better off you will be and this is why a Fuck Off Fundmatters. A Fuck Off Fund can be your ticket to freedom when your back is against the wall, when you have no other option but to walk away or worse, being pushed out by those whom your income depends upon.

Putting money aside for a rainy day is not always easy and the research backs this. A 2017 survey carried out by GoBankingRates showed that 39% of those surveyed had $0 saved with a further 18% having less than a $1000 in total savings. This means that over 50% of the population cannot even cope with an emergency, let alone save money for a rainy day, or week, or month. Turns out that even the most accomplished people know this. I recently learned that most CEOs define wealth as the amount of time they can maintain their current lifestyle when all forms of income stop. It is not the money they value most, but their time, freedom, safety, and well-being.

Saving money can be a daunting task. Most people are stretched with their wages going to pay bills and buy necessities – most do not realise that saving money is indeed a necessity. If saving money is proving to be difficult, this is where an alternate source of income can prove to be a lifesaver.

So where am I today?

Thanks to an abundance of opportunities to freelance as a content writer, I am now able to feed money into my Fuck off fund with the added benefit of travelling the world doing so. In fact, I am writing this article in a coffee shop in Vilnius, the capital city of Lithuania. Yes, it’s cold outside, but the coffee is good (almond latte) and the food is even better. One more bonus to being a freelance content writer? You get better by reading books so I no longer feel guilty when my budget goes out of the window at the bookstore.



Content writing is one of the best ways to feed cash into your Fuck Off Fund. Not only is writing flexible in the how and when, it also allows your mind to run free and express your creative side. Writing allows you to sit down and have your say. In writing, one is both an artist and a scientist. In her book Bird by Bird, Anne Lamott describes how writing is like “to appear somewhere outside yourself, instead of feeling stuck inside your muddled but stroboscopic mind”. So what better way to create your Fuck Off Fund, your ticket to freedom, than by being free?

The world of writing is filled with endless possibilities, and it starts by signing up. Still unsure whether writing is for you? Feed your reading desire and check out the Guides at Topcontent. It might inspire you to sign up and you’ll learn more about the joyous wonders of freelance writing.