Revolutionise your workforce with freelancers – top 5 benefits

A relatively new hip term that is making its way around is the gig economy. This is being quoted on social media, blogs and other platforms. In reality, the gig economy is not really a new term; it’s been around for ages. A gig economy is a free market system in which temporary positions are common and organizations contract with independent workers for short-term engagements. This really is comparable to contracting freelancers, as opposed to hiring regular employees on fixed contracts.

Uber is a prime example of being part of the gig economy. Topcontent is right up there with Uber too. We contract hundreds of freelancers to undertake “gigs” or, as they are better known as, freelance writing assignments.

Here are some reasons why Topcontent hires freelance writers to get the job done.

1. The world is our oyster

Everyone wants a piece of the freelancing pie because it is absolutely true that more people want to be in control of when they work and where. This means more and more people are freelancing and therefore the pool of potential writers is so richly diverse that we have our pick from a variety of highly talented people. Hiring skilled freelancers is quicker and more efficient when we want to get the job done quickly!

2. Flexibility

Our needs change frequently. We predominantly need content writers, but the specific language we require varies often. This is why working with freelancers allows us to work with the skilled writers we need, when we need them.

3. Freelancers are also self-employed

Topcontent is a business. Likewise, our freelancers are self-employed and running their own businesses too. It’s great to work with people who have a like-minded understanding of entrepreneurship and who understand what it means to run a small business. They understand the challenges and unique needs of a small to medium business better than most people who have always been salaried employees.

4. No need for office space – nor be tied down to a location

Freelancers choose their own office space and work from wherever they want in the world. We are not a location dependant company; therefore we don’t need to make space in the office when we need to bring on more writers. If we had an office for all our freelancers, our office costs would be enormous. It’s a win-win scenario when freelance writers want to work from home as we don’t need to expand our office and corresponding operational costs.

5. Freelancing is quick, easy and painless – most of the time!

Because freelancers are highly skilled at their job, more often than not, there isn’t a need to interview them. They can sign up to our system and start writing with us immediately. Our in-house team of content managers quality check their writing and, if all checks out well, that freelancer will be able to continue working with us for as long as they want. This also takes out the added complexities when hiring employees as opposed to contracting freelancers. We can literally have freelancers up and running within minutes!

Those are just 5 of many reasons as to why working with freelancers has truly revolutionized the way we work at Topcontent. To really make it work, our top secret is valuing our freelancers in the same way we value traditional employees. By making simple preparations and treating freelancers like a part of your team, you can get more from contract workers, which results in a productive and valuable partnership.

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