One of the most common Google Searches that are being made today are searches for reviews. When you want to buy a product or a service, I bet you have searched for [insert product or service] reviews?

Of course, you have! When making a purchase, we always want to know that what we are getting is legit, high-quality and suitable for our needs.

Benefits of writing reviews for your site

  • Target high-traffic searches
  • Increased ranking in search results
  • Increased authority in the eyes of Google
  • Honest opinions about your site or service

Where should I post reviews?

You’re probably thinking: “I can’t write a review of my product and post it on my site”. Well, you actually can. But to make sure that you’re review doesn’t come off as very biased, you might want to turn it into a comparison where you include your competitors. If you’re not comfortable with that, there’s a couple of alternatives.

Review services

There are plenty of review services that help consumers choose the best product, Trustpilot being one of them. These sites are for real consumers writing about their experience. Don’t try to “cheat” by writing “fake” reviews. Most of these services won’t give you a backlink anyway.

Guest posting

This is a good way to build your audience, increase your domain’s authority and get more traffic. Reach out to great sites and offer to contribute. Keep in mind that buying shady links from link vendors is not allowed by Google and you might end up with a penalty. Instead, contribute in an honest way by writing great content that will be useful for the readers. Google will like you better that way.

Reviews for affiliates

If you’re an affiliate, you don’t have the problem above. If your site isn’t already filled by reviews of all your partners, now’s the time to get started. Review all their products and brands, and don’t forget to finish off with a great CTA with your tracked link.

At Topcontent, we have been helping affiliates out with reviews for many years. We specialize in this and can help you no matter which industry you’re in. The most common review orders come from affiliates within the casino, finance, travel and health industry.

How do I order reviews from Topcontent?

When you have decided which product, service or brand you want to promote, contact us and we’ll set about getting those premium reviews up and running for you in no time.