Why Consistent SEO Content Creation is So Important?

Vincent Van Gogh once said:

“​“Great things are done by a series of small things brought together.”

And the same goes for SEO content. HubSpot carried out a study Marketing Insider Group explained. They wanted to see how much traffic a website’s blog gets if they posted up to 2 blogs a month compared to 16 and above.

Their findings are significant, as you can see below. The more high quality blog posts you create on a monthly basis, the more indexable traffic you will tend to get. It really is that simple.

Graph show that the more high quality blog posts you get the more indexable traffic you get

How often should you post blog articles? We hear this big question asked so often in the digital world. The answer really depends on your resource. As the evidence shows us above, you need to consistently post valuable content articles throughout the month to see real traffic growth.

Let’s look at why you should be consistently publishing SEO articles.

9 Reasons you should publish articles regularly

1. Google will crawl your website more often

Google can be picky. It actually has a crawl budget. That means it won’t keep crawling millions and millions of pages, stop when it reaches the end and then index and rank them all. It doesn’t work like that.

Googlebot will crawl the pages it can find the quickest. It will also always try and crawl first the pages it thinks are the most important and valuable. That’s why you should have your ‘Blog’ accessible from the main navigation, and always ensure that your blogs get published on there.

Then, when Google crawls your sitemap and your website, it will notice that you’re regularly updating the site with new content. In other words, your website isn’t going stale, which is something Google detests.

Build your schedule so you’re publishing at least 2 articles a week. Google is more likely to see you as an active website. The search engine is less likely to crawl websites that go stale because there is nothing new being published or anything worth ranking.

Let’s take an example. At the time of writing it is January 2023. Google is ranking content from November and December 2022 for ‘what are the best air fryers’. You would need to revitalise old content or publish new content to outrank these competitors because Google is ranking recent pages.

Google is ranking content

2. Google is more likely to index your articles faster

You must publish content regularly if you want to get your articles crawled and then indexed to appear in the SERPs. But the crucial factor here is that it must be quality. Google won’t index your articles quickly if you’re posting low quality content.

Avoid thin content. Make sure each article you publish:

  • Is easy to digest
  • Is relevant to your target audience
  • Is factually correct

Every piece of content should be as valuable as possible for your audience. It should be completely unique and helpful for your reader. Do this on a regular basis every month, and Google will quickly learn to index your blog articles quicker than the competitors who publish less often.

3. Google is more likely to rank your articles higher in the SERPs

Publish a higher number of top quality content articles that follows those guidelines. This will give you a much better chance of Google ranking you higher in the SERPs for your target keyword. Google will see you as the authority in your industry because you’re posting optimised content that is updated and insightful.

You can use a keyword tracking tool like Ahrefs or SEMRush to see what keywords your articles are ranking for, if any. If you don’t have the time to go about checking this, you can use a professional content writing company to write SEO optimised content for you.

4. You’re more likely to gain natural, relevant backlinks more often

Creating optimised landing pages and articles is one thing. Publishing content that’s designed to make life easier for your audience is quite another. Design your own images or infographics with new statistics on. Record a video, upload it to YouTube and then add Video Schema to your website.

Don’t write a 500 word article once a month that’s loosely relevant to your audience, and hope for the best. Make people want to share your content with their colleagues or friends. Give them a practical e-Book they can download and share. Create an aesthetically pleasing infographic and add the social share buttons.

It should look like this. Be careful though because we see lots of instances where the share buttons don’t actually function properly. So double check the share buttons work successfully.

Google share buttons

People are more likely to share great content by a brand they like and respect. They’re also more likely to post it on their own website and link back to your website. So, always consistently upload awesome SEO articles to increase your chances of getting industry-relevant backlinks.

5. You will build brand authority faster

The more you’re uploading great quality content, the faster you’ll develop a steady backlink profile and see a positive uplift in your page 1 rankings. The benefits don’t stop there though. With those results comes improvement in your brand authority.

When you consistently offer your audience relevant, problem solving content, you position your website and your brand as the expert. Over time, more people will start coming back to your website because they trust you to give them the correct industry knowledge they are looking for.

So, don’t publish 1 article every so often. Plan frequent useful articles throughout the next 12-18 months. You’ll be more likely to see more website traffic, both ‘returning’ and ‘new’ users in Google Analytics.

You will need to sign up for Google Analytics to see that information.

6. You’ll rank better for related articles if you link to them

Upload a high number of content articles so they form a cluster. That means article A will mention topic A, B and C. You should have content articles talking directly about topics B and C. Then, you will naturally be able to add more internal links on all of the articles where you mention those topic titles.

Here is an example of what that looks like. We’ve talked about building brand authority with content marketing and then linked to a piece explaining keyword research. Always keep your anchor text relevant and keyword rich. 

Always keep your anchor text relevant and keyword rich.

As you consistently publish more articles and you build up your content hub, you’ll develop a great internal linking structure across your website. That will help all of your articles rank quicker for your target keyword.

7. You’re building your engagement rate with your audience

If you posted your first blog back in 2001 but you’ve not published any new articles since then, it might be time to book that brainstorming session and create a refreshed content calendar.

You need to put out lots of content on a regular basis to compete in the digital world. Not only does it help Google rank you better, and your audience finds you better, but it helps people enjoy your content too.

People love having a reliable source of great information, be it entertaining, useful or informative in some way. It’s important to have focused sales pages like product pages and testimonials on your website. But don’t underestimate the power of storytelling.

Bill Gates once said:

“Content is King”

He’s correct. One of the big reasons content works is that it engages with your readers. Connect with them through emotion. Help them. Inspire them. Reassure them. All of this helps to build trust with your potential customer, but it builds a relationship with your target consumer too.

8. You’ll see more brand searches in Google Search Console

Posting SEO articles in the correct, optimised way will help you rank in Google. But getting those organic impressions will also help you to build your organic visibility. What do we mean by this? Every time your brand name appears in the SERPs for a searched keyword, your company gets a little more recognition. You get seen.

Over time, you will start seeing more people searching for keywords that include your brand name. You can use Google Search Console for this. 

  1. Log in and ensure your domain is verified
  2. Go to Performance in the left-hand pane
  3. Set your timeline
  4. Hit ‘Queries’

Order by impressions, CTR (click-through rate) and clicks to see which queries are getting the most traction. If you only post one article every month or two, you won’t see branded searches grow as quickly.

9. You’ll get more traffic faster

All seven of these benefits are the cogs in motion that will drive you relevant, organic traffic. We see lots of companies building a simple website with a small number of landing pages and hoping for the best.

While effective landing pages are a big part of any website, we’d recommend adding consistent SEO content creation to the mix to see those results happen faster.

These are the key ingredients to getting traffic fast with frequent, long term and optimised articles.

  • Internal linking
  • Backlink growth
  • Regularly posting
  • Awesome, valuable, unique content

How can you measure your organic traffic growth? You can track it with Google Analytics. Organic traffic is one of the most important KPIs to track. Find out how to see how well your organic traffic is really growing in our KPI article.

10. You’ll get more conversions faster

Create relevant, engaging articles for your target audience and demonstrate that you have the perfect solution to their problem. Over time, you will see an uplift in organic conversions. The quicker you churn out the content, the quicker you’ll see the conversion rate change.

You can monitor your bounce rate, conversion rate and your goal completions in Google Analytics as well.

Is it enough to post articles consistently once a month?

It depends. Decide how fast you want your traffic improvement to happen. Then, decide what your budget is. This will give you an idea as to how quickly this could happen for your company.

Consistency is important, but quantity is just as important. You can upload 1 article every month or you can upload 10 every month. The latter will result in more organic traffic if it’s done correctly and optimised thoroughly.

How do I create consistent content articles throughout the month?

There are lots of ways you can produce a high quantity of content articles every month and make sure you do it persistently.

Maybe you have a backlog of email marketing or printed newsletters from over the years. You can always repurpose outdated content to give you brand new content.

Have you got really old YouTube videos sitting there doing nothing? Grab the transcripts and turn them into something really valuable for your reader.

If you’re not sure where to start, here are some ideas to get you started. We promise, it gets easier once you get the ball rolling.

  1. Get a list of all of the industry relevant bigger topics you’re happy covering.
  2. Break them down into their subtopics too.
  3. Order them by relevance to your target audience and file it all in a spreadsheet.
  4. Carry out keyword research for every single topic and subtopic.
  5. Use a tool like Ahrefs or SEMRush to find out who your online competitors are and what else they rank for.
  6. End up with a list of all the query based keywords.
  7. Turn that list into a calendar.
  8. Allocate those titles to an assigned, topic specialist writer.

We’ve whittled this process into 8 steps. But it can be more time consuming than you might think. But if you’re willing to dedicate the time to consistent SEO content creation, you’ll get the results faster.

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