How to create content for affiliate marketing – Six simple tips

how to create content for affiliate marketing

Congratulations, you’re now an affiliate for several companies and products that you’re passionate about. Now what? Now you’re probably wondering how to create content for affiliate marketing. It’s not as simple as just sharing your affiliate links and watching the commissions roll in. 

Affiliate marketing content examples can vary from the simple list to an in-depth product review. There’s all sorts of options available to you, but you need to learn how to write affiliate articles that will convert to sales. According to Statista, the US affiliate marketing spend is set to hit $8.2 billion by 2022. Those aren’t figures you want to miss out on!

So let’s look at how to write content for affiliate marketing effectively with six simple tips!

1.  Stay authentic

This is probably the most important thing to keep in mind. If you have a golfing website and you suddenly start promoting affiliate links for a cosmetics company, that might look suspect. Your audience will be able to tell straight away whether you’re being genuine or not. 

The last thing you want is to turn your audience off by promoting every product under the sun. It makes it obvious you’re only in it for the money, and don’t care about providing authentic, quality content for your readers. 

There are thousands of products and services out there, many of which will be relevant to your niche. Stick to those, and only promote products and services you’ve actually used and enjoyed, and you’ll be golden.

2. Keep your audience in mind

This ties in with tip #1. You need to know your audience inside out in order to create top-quality content that will appeal to them. Doing your research will pay off in the long-run. 

Are the majority of your readers male and aged between 40-60? Or younger women in the lifestyle sector? Whoever makes up your audience, keep them in mind while you’re writing. 

A light-hearted listicle filled with gifs of cute puppies might not go down so well with an older, professional audience. Meanwhile, an information-heavy article laden with stats and graphics will not hold the attention of a young adult audience. Learn how to create content for affiliate marketing in a way that appeals to your main audience and watch those conversion rates soar. 

3.  Tell a story

Readers love it when they can personally connect to whatever they’re reading. Make your content relatable to their everyday life and you’ll see an improvement in your sales. Simply uploading a list of 10 products with a bland title and lacklustre captions won’t get you anywhere fast. 

Set the scene. Show the readers a little bit of your life. Write a review or an article that will easily allow them to imagine having this product or service in their own lives. Making the affiliate content personal to you will help your readers connect emotionally to your words. This will build trust with your audience, and they’ll come to rely on your recommendations. 

4. Mix it up

When considering how to create content for affiliate marketing, think about variety. Although it’s necessary to keep your audience in mind, there are still plenty of article styles available. Each audience doesn’t have just one type of article they can relate to. 

Constantly posting 1000-word long product reviews will probably get tiring at some point. Mix up length and style to keep your audience interested and your content fresh. You can write listicles (appropriate ones!), Q&As, reviews, comparison posts, how-to guides. The possibilities are endless! 

All of these provide excellent opportunities for affiliate marketing. Utilising them all on a regular basis will drive up your conversion rate. 

5.  Stick to a content schedule

Content schedules are very important. They create consistency and engage and retain your audience. They will come to remember that you always publish fresh new content on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and check your site regularly. Sporadic posting will put readers off. If they come to your site and keep seeing the same old content, eventually they will stop checking. 

Regular posting is one of the best ways to keep your affiliate links fresh and in use. Make use of evergreen and seasonal content to ensure your website is offering consistent, quality content to your readers. 

Seasonal content provides ample opportunity for more niche affiliate content. For example, baking equipment on National Cupcake Day (15th December) or novelty socks for National Sock Day (4th December).

6. Don’t forget about SEO

Learning how to create content for affiliate marketing is nothing without SEO. Your writing needs to appeal to the reader, but it also needs to appeal to Google. Implementing SEO and having your content rank highly in search results is a must for kicking your affiliate marketing into high gear.

An article that gets your readers clicking your affiliate links for a week is good. An article which draws in new readers organically and clicking your affiliate links for months and even years is even better. SEO will drive readers to your site long after you’ve posted the article. This is what you need for consistent affiliate sales.

Still not sure how to create content for affiliate marketing?

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