Why you should be outsourcing product description writing

outsourcing product description writing

You’ve established your business, your website is up and running, and now all that’s left is to sit back and watch those online shopping baskets fill up. But make sure you don’t forget about an important yet often overlooked element of your website – product descriptions. They may seem innocuous, but they can have a huge impact on your sales. A good product description will persuade your customer to buy, rather than just browse.

When running your own business, we know it’s tempting to take control of everything. You want to make sure everything is running smoothly. But while you might be an expert in PR or creative designs, it’s unlikely you have the skills of a professional copywriter too. 

Product descriptions are a whole other ballgame, and they’re not something you should be neglecting. Outsourcing product description writing to the professionals will save you time and money, allowing you to focus on the things you excel at – like running your business. 

Here are five reasons why you should consider outsourcing product description writing. 

1. Save your company’s time

As your business grows, your e-commerce website will grow with it. More and more products will be coming in, and every single one will need a persuasive product description. Any existing staff you have shouldn’t have to worry about this extra work, even if it is in their wheelhouse. It also doesn’t make sense to hire someone full-time to write product descriptions, as you may get a large new batch of products in and then none for a while. 

Outsourcing product description writing to a professional means your team remains free to concentrate on their main tasks. However many descriptions you need, here at Topcontent, we’ll have the plan for you.

2. Get more for your money

When you’ve got hundreds of new product descriptions to create, it can seem daunting even if you’re not the one writing them. Services cost money, after all. But paying the experts to create product descriptions that will get you noticed on SERPs is more than worth it. 

Plus, at Topcontent, we offer top-up bonuses so you can get more content and pay less. You can use your extra credit to purchase everything from product descriptions to blog posts and translations. This will further improve your website and increase your audience. Win win.

3. Gain SEO-savvy descriptions

If you don’t know by now how important SEO is for your website, check out our previous post here. Product descriptions are no exception. Billions of searches are made via Google every day, and you want your products to rank highly in the search results. 

Professional web copywriters know how to write product descriptions that Google will love and rank highly on the SERPs. It can be tricky to strike the balance between SEO-friendly and quality content, but rest assured a content writer can hit it perfectly. 

4. Reach that target audience

Bland, vague product descriptions that just repeat the manufacturer’s description won’t cut it; the descriptions on your site need to be convincing and descriptions. 

Does the tone need to be serious, evoking a sense of luxury and quality? Or can it be more fun and friendly, appealing to a younger audience? A professional copywriter will always make it their business to know exactly who they’re writing for. They will also make sure the product descriptions are in keeping with your brand. 

Here at Topcontent we’re professionals for a reason. We know all there is to know about targeting your audience, resulting in product descriptions that will have your customers reaching for their bank card. 

5. Sell customers a story

We mentioned the manufacturer’s description earlier, and that’s really something you don’t want to just copy and paste. Doing this can also violate Google’s duplicate content rules, something you definitely want to avoid as it could impact your ranking. 

A customer doesn’t care about the boring specifications of a product. They want to know how the product will change their life. They want to know what it will feel like, smell like, sound like, or taste like when they buy it. A seasoned copywriter will know how to achieve this. They will write a story that your potential client will want to buy into.

Call in the professionals

If you want to give product description writing a go yourself, check out our tips here. But for the best results, call in the professionals. Our copywriters here at Topcontent have experience writing thousands of creative and persuasive product descriptions. Visit our product description writing page for more information, or contact us today for a free quote.