Why you should outsource content writing – All pros, no cons

outsource content writing

Congratulations. You are the proud owner of a streamlined webshop or a new website. Now, it’s time to start filling those pages with content. You are now faced with two choices: taking the time and trouble of creating all your content in-house, or outsource content writing to a professional content creation company.

When running a business it’s very easy to make the mistake of doing everything yourself. In this article we will tell you why outsourcing content creation to the experts is the best way forward.

Pro #1: It’s fast

In-house scenario

Time is always money, and creating your own content from scratch can prove a very time-consuming process. This means that it will take you longer to have your webshop up and running. It will also take longer further along the line, when outdated content needs to be replaced and/or refreshed. Ultimately, this could result in a substantial loss of sales when you can’t have important content ready on time.

Outsourcing content writing

Opting to buy your content eliminates these lags entirely. Because content companies have so many available writers at any given time, delivery of bought content is always swift. This is true even for bulk orders. You can then use the time you would have wasted writing your own content on other, equally important things you need to take care of, while resting assured that some high-quality content will soon be on its way to you with minimum effort from your side.

Pro #2: It’s cost-effective

In-house scenario

Unless you happen to have an empty calendar and an in-depth knowledge of SEO, you will have to hire a content creator to take care of all your content needs. This move can be a double-edged sword: if you don’t need a lot of content, you will find it hard to find and keep a dedicated content writer. If you need a lot, hiring one full-time content writer may probably not be enough. They will struggle to keep up and both your pocket and your content quality will suffer as a result. If you do end up with low-quality content (either to insufficient time or expertise), this will ultimately affect your revenue.

According to Glassdoor’s calculations, the average base salary for an in-house writer is almost $50,000 annually in the United States. This would hardly make financial sense for small to medium-sized businesses whose content needs might not be as large as others.

Outsourcing content writing

Buying content can effectively set your worries at rest, no matter how big or small your needs are. You won’t have to create an additional job post and you won’t have to worry about providing enough work for another employee. When you buy content, you just have to order it if you need it, when you need it.

In the long run, this will make more financial sense.

Let’s back this up with some figures. Say a smaller business needs a couple of blog posts a week. That means 104 blog posts a year, and if we assume each are 500 words long at $250 each, sum will add up to $26,000. Half the cost of hiring an in-house writer.

Pro #3: No costs of training

In-house scenario

Recruitment is expensive, and hiring and training content writers internally takes both time as well as resources. If your employee leaves, you need to do the same all over again. You might think of a freelancer writer as a solution, but managing and training the writer will still take big part of your valuable time.

Outsourcing content writing

When you buy content from an agency,  you don’t need to worry about the time and resources spent training new employees or writers. A content agency has a ready process and a pool or highly skilled writers, who are ready at any time to answer to your content needs. The agency will take care of training and instructing the writers, and all you need to do is tell what you need and when you need it.

Pro #4: Enables you to create content in flexible volumes

In-house scenario

The volume of your content needs might change drastically over time. One day you might need a lot of content fast for example for a new site, but when it’s finished, your need for new content decreases. Creating big volumes of content fast requires many writers, but later on you might not have enough work to offer them. This is obviously not a good situation both for you and your employees.

Outsourcing content writing

When you buy your content from an agency you don’t need to worry about consistent volume. A content agency will be able handle all type of content needs, big or small, anytime you have the need.

Pro #5: It let’s you focus to what you are good at

In-house scenario

Especially for a smaller business owner it might be tempting to keep all activities in-house. You might think you can save money and have more control by doing everything yourself. However, we all know that a day consists of only 24 hours. One person is capable of completing successfully only certain amount of work, and if you burden yourself with too much, the quality of everything you do will suffer.

Outsourcing content writing

Buying content from a content agency will enable you to focus to the things you are actually good at. If you have an online store, maybe your strength is finding kickass products to sell, logistics or online marketing – not creating content or guiding one or a group of writers to do that. When you buy content you can make sure that you have enough time to grow your business by focusing to your area of expertise, and content creation is handled by an agency expert in the field.

Pro #6: It’s tailored for you

Tailored contentIn-house scenario

You might argue that no one knows your company’s content needs better than someone coming from right inside the company. But coming up with fresh, effective content can prove a struggle when always taken from the same perspective.

Outsourcing content writing

Any serious content company will make sure to take the time to study the needs of each individual client in order to provide personalised, effective content that works. This is because their experienced content writers are knowledgeable about SEO, are able to target a specific audience, and are aware of the often overlooked factors of globalisation and cultural contexts.

Oh and by the way – you won’t need to stick to just English. If you’re planning to go multi-lingual, all you need is to toss in some translation services as well.

Why you should outsource content writing: final words

If you’re still struggling to decide whether or not to outsource content writing, check out this report by Kapost, which reckons around $950 million a year are wasted by large companies on ineffective content marketing. If you don’t want to see your hard-earned cash go down the drain, it’s time to invest in some top-quality content from Topcontent. Get in touch to get a quote or make your order right away!