What are the advantages of human-generated content over machine-generated content?

advantages of human generated content over machine generated content cont

These days you hear a lot about robots and artificial intelligence performing jobs traditionally carried out by humans. Technology has ousted ticket sellers, many supermarket cashiers and factory workers – could content writers be next? 

Robots writing articles may sound like something out of a sci-fi novel, but it’s actually not that far-fetched. If a bot has managed to write a book, it’s not unlikely that you have read an article online that was churned out by clever software. 

To brush up on what exactly machine generated content is, read our blog post here. But in this post, we’re focusing on the advantages of human generated content. Read on to find out why we don’t think human copywriters should be worried just yet.  

Connect with customers emotionally

Consumers don’t like working with faceless machines. Self checkout machines may be popular, but the fact that supermarkets do still employ cashiers says something. Some people will always prioritise human connection over convenience.

One of the main advantages of human generated content is the emotional factor it brings to the table. A human content writer can tap into the client’s emotions, inciting them to buy while building up a trusting relationship between brand and consumer. 

No matter how savvy your software may be, it can never replicate a human’s full range of emotion. Computer generated content will always sound clunky, mechanical, and flat when compared to content penned by people. This may make the client feel less inclined to trust the brand. 

Present right content at the right time

As we discussed in a previous blog post, seasonal content can work wonders for your website. Evergreen content (which stays relevant all year round) may sound better for your budget, but seasonal content will keep your website fresh. 

Think about it. A machine could churn out an infinite amount of generic content for your site. But come Christmas or Thanksgiving, wouldn’t it make sense to tap into the market? Continuing to publish generic content without staying abreast of current events or holidays can make your website seem outdated and irrelevant. 

Start a conversation

Another of the advantages of human generated content is the ability to spark a conversation with your customers. You can comment on a new trend, have your say on current affairs, or just share cute photos of dogs in reindeer antlers at Christmas. All of this will serve to remind your customer that a real person exists behind the brand. 

Build your brand’s identity

Ever heard a robot crack a joke? We didn’t think so. Computer generated content, no matter how advanced, will never understand things such as tone and brand identity. You want to build a reputation with your clients. That may be as a company at the cutting edge of technology, a vibrant health food store, or a cosy soft furnishing company.

A human copywriter will be able to take a comprehensive overview of your brand and write accordingly. A computer can only do as it is trained to. The result will be the same bland copy churns out for thousands of other businesses. This will hardly get you noticed in a competitive environment. 

Avoid violating Google’s guidelines

We know it’s hard to juggle everything that goes with running your own business and website. It’s tempting to cut corners and choose the easiest option wherever possible. But opting for machine generated content over human generated content can harm your website’s ranking in SERPs. 

All you really need to know is auto-generated content violates Google’s guidelines. Google can take action against pages which use these tactics in an effort to stay relevant. In fact, Google puts auto-generated content on par with practices such as irrelevant keywords, cloaking, and sneaky redirects in their quality guidelines, so it’s definitely something you want to avoid. 

Do what’s best for your business

Here at Topcontent, we have only 100% human copywriters on our payroll. We know all the ins and outs of successful copywriting that will get your brand noticed. From blog posts to product descriptions, we can help improve your business with our thoroughly human generated content. Contact us today for a free quote or place your content order right away.