How to order?

Easy! We actually have four different options available for you to choose how you can order. This gives you the ability to choose the best option that will work for you when placing your order.


Create your own orders, keep track of existing ones and receive completed orders. Easy access to everything from the same easy-to-use dashboard.

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Let’s connect! Send and receive orders right from your own system. It’ll be quick and simple with zero admin work once the connection is successfully set up!

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WordPress Plugin

Coming Soon: The Topcontent WordPress Plugin is where you can order text or translation from any post or page from your own Wordpress website.

Personal service

For large and comprehensive projects, we offer a personal service where a project manager will guide you through the ordering process and make sure your project goes from A to B friction-free!

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Self-Service Content Orders

We know that some of you want a complete self-service option. We understand that you are really busy and therefore want to be able to place your order online in literally a couple of simple steps. Our online self-service is very easy for clients to navigate through. You simply input key information such as language, topic, number of words, keywords required etc and the order comes through. This is a fantastic option if you know exactly what you need and you’re very clear and specific with your order. It’s also brilliant if you will be ordering text frequently.

Personal Content Orders

If you’re not sure exactly what you need and would like to consult with an expert, then having a chat with us first might be your preferred method. We can very easily set up a call with you and consult with you to help you understand your own needs and how we can help out. After that, we can place the order for you ourselves or you can simply log on to our self-service and complete the order from there.

Using our self-service certainly benefits you as a client as you will be able to access your orders directly at any time. It’s also handy for you to view historical orders, especially if you need to refer back to a previous order.